FTO Handbook

Bullying – Zero-Tolerance Policy

This community takes bullying and the act of bullying very seriously. Remember, there is always a fine line between having ‘banter’ with someone and bullying. Always make sure you know where the line is. The community, members and management are expected to have a zero-tolerance policy on bullying and therefore anyone who breaks this expectation will be removed dealt with accordingly. Further action may be taken by the CMG Community Managers at their discretion.


Welcome to the FTO handbook! As a FTO officer you must always remember to keep a good level of professionalism. This is key as you are counted as a knowledgeable member of the police force. You are also the first person that new members will speak to when they first join the police force, remember to always conduct yourself in a sensible manner and most importantly have fun!

Head of FTO


Deputy Head of FTO

Doug Ryan


  • Starting Test Procedure - At the start of the test remember to always ask for the relevant information from the trainee, such as what name they want to use within the police, their player ID along with their forum application. Remember, trainees may feel nervous about their test, it is important that you "break the ice" with the trainee to settle them down and make them feel less nervous.

  • Interview Information - Before starting the test, tell the trainee a little bit about the test without revealing to much. Mention that there will be a certain amount of questions and that if you are quiet it is because you are writing down their answer. Remember to tell the trainee that they can use whatever information that has been handed to them to assist them throughout the test.

  • Questions and Answers - While reading out the questions, make sure you are loud and clear and reading at a controlled manner. This will assist the trainee in understanding the question and will minimise the risk of them not hearing or understanding the question. While writing down the answers, it is important that you write exactly what they say, this will help you once you start scoring the question.

  • End Of Test Procedure - Once the test is finished, explain to the trainee that you will be moving them out of the room to mark the interview. Once you have finished marking the test, drag the trainee back into the room. Ask them how they feel the test went, once they have finished, explain the them that you will be going through the interview with them again and telling them what they did good and what they didn't do so good. After you have given out the result to the trainee you will then explain to them what they need to do next and give them any relevant handouts for their trainee stage. Make sure to hand the trainee a feedback form after the conclusion of the interview, you must always fill out a completion form for the interview.

Training Guide

Training Sheet

Once the trainee has passed their interview you must hand them the public training sheet, they will watch through the videos provided on the sheet and complete a field training exam. This consists of 19 questions and they must provide a screenshot of their score and name and once a valid screenshot is provided they move onto their ridealong.

Ride Along's/Interviews

Once training has been completed successfully and you're happy to pass the new officer, they will now move to the ride along stage. All of these sessions must be complete by an appropriate member of the PD; Senior Constable+. The trainee must then complete 5 hours of ridealong and it is their own responsibility to clock their own hours.

Final Exam

Once the 5 hour ridealong has been completed they trainee then moved onto their final exam. The final exam consists of multiple scenarios and 15 questions. This must all be done in game as it judges the trainee's roleplaying skill and general knowledge of the PD.

Failure of any section

If the trainee fails on any section please refer to the #fto channel and then pinned messages.